White Flowers by Kristin Rønne


Kristin (aka: Saoirse) wrote and recorded this song in her home studio. The video was shot at Loyola Park in Chicago. Video was recorded and edited by Kristin using a filter that makes it appear to be old reel-to-reel footage giving it a somewhat grainy feel. The video was shot in the winter season and the theme is simple and repetitive with an emphasis on the lyrics and perhaps the cold. The song appears on her latest album titled Saoirse.

No Way Home by Kristin Rønne


Kristin (aka: Saoirse) wrote and recorded this song in her home studio. She shot the footage at Loyola Park in Chicago. This was only her second music video; White Flowers being her first. A blue motif was used throughout. You will see the word "Free" written in the sand and then the word appears to be erased with a stick indicating a lack of freedom. A bird taking off into flight reminds the viewer to consider a tinge of hope. This song appears on her latest album titled Saoirse.